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Would you like to set up an industrial style office? Discover the wide variety of our industrial office furniture now and let yourself be inspired.



The modern industrial office

First and foremost, office furniture must be functional and practical. The reason for this is quite simple, as most furnishings are used and needed on a daily basis. But the time when offices looked dusty and old is long gone, because there are now timeless designs that make an office worth seeing.

The industrial look in the office context

The special feature of an industrial office is that a mix of materials is often used. As a rule, these are made of wood, which are combined with metal elements. The black metal frames, which not only set wonderful accents, but are also harmoniously coordinated with cabinets or desks made of solid wood, are striking. The overall picture is rounded off by an executive chair whose seat and backrest are made of elegant leather and gives the whole thing a touch of elegance.

An industrial style office in the right light

In contrast to the country house style, the industrial look is characterized by its no-frills form. Playful design is completely avoided here, so that the essential, namely the industrial style, is perfectly expressed. The dark wood and the metal, which looks very cool, creates an authentic and aesthetic atmosphere without making the industrial office look overloaded. The typical office space can be optimally supplemented with matching shelves , which are open and therefore offer a lot of space as storage space. A certain touch of vintage look is also advantageous here, which reflects the industrial style in the industrial office in a simple yet meaningful way.

Industrial look meets modern metal

However, an industrial office consists not only of a desk or a cupboard, but also of lamps and shelves. The industrial look is also directly visible here, because the typical metal elements can be found in the lamp area. The lighting is also simple and unobtrusive and fits right into a modern office. The table lamp fits perfectly on an industrial office desk to be able to work relaxed with sufficient lighting. Of course, this also applies to hanging and pendulum lamps that can be placed directly above the workplace.

Practical wall wardrobe in the industrial office

Whether for your own use or for guests, a coat rack is essential in an industrial style office. Whether coat hooks or wall wardrobes , they are extremely practical for jackets and the like. Just like the lamps, the design is simple yet eye-catching, as they are shaped in a very unusual way. This design, in turn, fits very well into a modern industrial style office, as this special style is reflected in all the furnishings. Because of this, all elements can be assembled to form a complete unit. The office does not have to be completely full, because the necessary furniture is often sufficient to be able to manage everyday life in a relaxed and modern atmosphere.

High quality designer furniture in the industrial style office

The designer furniture for an industrial style office is of high quality. They correspond to the modern industrial concept, which is an absolute must in today's modern industrial office. Whether wall wardrobe, lamps, seating, side tables or cabinet elements, the simple and plain appearance are concise for this style. Perfectly coordinated, they create a clear room atmosphere that invites you to relax and feel good. This is not least due to the fact that the individual pieces of furniture appear very delicate and small, but still take up a lot of space. They are extremely robust and stable and therefore simply perfect for classic everyday office life, whether in the private sector or in a company that has discovered the industrial style office for itself.