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Industrial Style Cabinets and More

In the industrial concept store, you will find a wide range of unique, curated cabinets in industrial style or other modern styles. Our cabinets stand out for their excellent quality, appealing design, and functionality. From minimalist looks to striking details, we offer a diverse selection that brings character and style to any space. Find the perfect cabinet to bring the industrial style or a touch of modern design to your home.



Industrial style cabinets with a timeless design

Outstanding furniture design is not only reflected in outstanding functionality. In addition to the look, the materials used and the quality are important. Industrial furniture is a timeless piece of furniture that will give you many years of pleasure. With Bauhaus classics , modern industrial style cabinets , minimalist decorative elements and selected home textiles, an authentic feel-good atmosphere is created. Our concept store presents the diversity of the popular style of living. Typical of the style are metal elements made of solid iron or stainless steel and the use of natural materials such as wood, rattan and leather. A clear and linear design language gives a stylish and urban elegance. Since industrial style cabinets are in the range of natural tones, the living room can be supplemented with other industrial design pieces of furniture at any time. The living style is made for spacious loft apartments with an open floor plan. The pieces of furniture also make an excellent impression in modern apartments and in old buildings with parquet floors. Let yourself be inspired by our furnishings and discover your favorite pieces for your living concept.

Modern functionality meets industrial aesthetics

Metal, wood and leather are characteristic of industrial design furniture. Tradition and modernity are cleverly linked, which is why many new furnishing elements are made of old wood or metal. This creates an exciting contrast. While the clear design language looks modern and innovative, the recycled wood provides a warm, vintage-style look. Another plus: pieces of furniture made from reused materials are particularly sustainable and resource-saving. Depending on the design, shiny or matt metal elements are puristic, elegant or linear. In combination with solid wooden elements, a rather rough charm is created that defines the industrial style.

Individual living with industrial cabinets

Industrial design cupboards represent the personal lifestyle and give the living or sleeping area that certain something. Drawer cabinets, lowboards, highboards and chests of drawers are true all-rounders that offer plenty of storage space with intelligent furniture design. Pieces of wooden furniture with a natural, stained or oiled surface bring warmth into the living room with the beautiful wood grain. The individual grain makes each cabinet with natural wood elements unique. Lacquered industrial style wooden cabinets usually have an elegant, matt surface.

Material combinations of wood and metal or wood and rattan are particularly exciting. Wall cabinets made of metal round off the overall picture. Large cabinets made of metal, which are reminiscent of a locker cabinet in appearance, become a visual highlight in the living room design. High-quality industrial showcases combine glass elements with wood or metal. Decorative items and valuable objects are stylishly presented in it. The versatility of industrial design is reflected in the wide range of furniture. Elegant pieces of furniture in industrial chic are lined up alongside pieces of industrial furniture with a charming used look. Reclaimed wood with history, visible pipe sections and paint and varnish residues combine retro and industrial design.

The perfect complement: decoration for your (industrial) closet

It becomes cozy with the right accessories. Decoration , cushions, carpets , striking wall clocks and a harmonious lighting concept underline the individual living ambience. Here, the combination of a compact and elegant design language can be deliberately played with. Decorative items made of wood, metal, ceramics, cork and glass harmoniously complement the style of living. The rule is, less is more. The simple color concept of the industrial style cabinets also harmonises with decorative elements in more eye-catching shades. The combination with gold-colored home accessories is particularly elegant. Carpets, curtains and cushions can be a little more colorful. Home textiles with graphic prints are particularly popular. Convince yourself of the furnishings of selected brands in our concept store. The simple, stylish and minimalist furnishing style with pieces of furniture in industrial design brings an urban, cozy and modern atmosphere into your living space.

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