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Preferred Submission Method:

We encourage you to send us your project details and visuals via email. For large image files, please upload them to file-sharing platforms like Google Drive and share the link. Please forward text and images related to your project to the relevant email address below:

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While we don't have formal criteria for project selection, we generally seek content that is fresh, innovative, newsworthy, and accompanied by a compelling narrative, along with high-quality images. Due to the volume of submissions, we may not be able to respond to all, but rest assured, we aim to review every submission.

How to Submit a Project:

To submit your project for consideration, kindly email us a selection of high-resolution JPEG/PNG images, along with descriptive text about you, your project, and relevant links.

If you need to share zipped images or links to file-sharing platforms, please include a few sample images in your email to provide an initial glimpse of your project. We encourage you to share a generous number of images - the more, the better.

What Happens Next:

If your project captures our attention, we will reach out to you. Please be patient, as it may take some time to process submissions. If you ever feel the need to send us a gentle reminder, please do so; we understand that oversights can occur.

Exclusive Submissions:

We are more inclined to publish projects submitted exclusively to us. If you intend to offer an exclusive submission, kindly make this clear in your submission email.

Video Content:

If your project includes a video component, please don't hesitate to share it with us. Typically, we upload submitted videos to our own channels rather than embedding from other sources.

Plans, Drawings, and Sketches:

Our readers greatly appreciate plans, sections, and sketches. If applicable, please include these elements in your submission.

Proper Credits:

Kindly provide project credits, especially for the images. We are happy to offer credits, links, and full copyright details where appropriate. Many photographers find value in showcasing their work on our platforms, as it often leads to commissions from other publications. It is crucial to ensure that you have obtained permission from the copyright holder for all submitted material. For further details, refer to our submissions terms and conditions.

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Once your project is published, we encourage you to promote it vigorously on social media, newsletters, your website, and other channels. Increased visibility will drive more visits and garner more attention for your project. Don't hesitate to share!

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We hope that our audience will engage with your project through comments in our dedicated section. Whether the comments are insightful or constructive, please participate by responding and interacting with our audience. Refer to our comments policy for guidance on comment management.

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