A journey through the "Fireplace" project by Messner Architects

by J. Parker

Klobenstein am Ritten - A place that breathes the tradition of craftsmanship. Here, where the past lives on and the future is shaped, a unique vision unfolds. It is against this backdrop that Messner Architects' "Fireplace" was born - a project that captures the essence of heritage and progress in perfect harmony. Let's dive into the story behind this remarkable endeavor that fuses craftsmanship, innovation and inspiration.


The "Fireplace" project as a bridge between tradition and innovation

The traditional history of the Pöhl stove manufacturer began in 1962, when the current company owner, Andreas, the son of the master stove builder, founded the company. The headquarters of the manufactory extends over the production hall, administration area and exhibition area in the craftsmen's zone of Klobenstein on the Rittner high plateau - a place that is known for its flourishing crafts.


Fireplace sketch


The art of redesign: A clear concept for the exhibition

The renovation of the showroom had a clear goal: to make the existing area clearer and more appealing to customers. When searching for their individual stove model, customers embark on a fascinating journey into the world of wood-fired stoves, a long-standing tradition in the Alpine region.


The centerpiece: a fireplace as the centre

The central attraction is an open fireplace - a place of gathering since time immemorial. Arranged around the fire are four free-standing charred wall panels presenting stoves and tiles. A solid monolith with drilled ribs and rustic charm sits enthroned beneath the smoke extraction hood. A tiled storage stove serves as a background, separating the exhibition area from the quieter zone with desk, meeting table and niche.


Project Fireplace

Project Fireplace


Project Fireplace


Archaic elements and modern accents

Connections to archaic motifs from the world of fire are created with an ash gray carpet, furniture made of oiled MDF, ceiling and wall paneling made of Heraklith, coarse green plaster and a black soffit. Two floating metal rings in black, which are attached under the arched roof, serve to illuminate the room. The brass accents, be it in the logo, the smoke extraction hood or the niche, set elegant highlights.


Project Fireplace

Project Fireplace

Project Fireplace


A look at the room design

The exhibition space is divided into a high area facing the street, which is spanned by a vaulted roof construction, and a rear area with a suspended ceiling.


An atmosphere of invitation and goodwill

The client's desire to create an inviting presentation space runs through the newly designed rooms. This conveys the company philosophy, characterized by competence, reliability and quality, while the emotional component is by no means neglected.


Project Fireplace

Project Fireplace



Builder: Andreas Pöhl
Architecture & Management: Messner Architects
Executed by: Elektro Messner, Zumtobel, Spögler Bodenbeläge, Tischlerei Pattis, Pöhl, südtirol.stein, Battisti Roland, Felix Quinz, Arte Decor Prast, Gypsum, Sternbach Interior Stories
Photos: Karina Castro


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