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The characteristic structural elements such as exposed metal and raw wood that characterize the industrial style not only serve as decorative elements, but are also testimonies of the creative process. They are works of art that also offer space for your individual stories.

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Discover the industrial style

Industrial style , once known as the epitome of functionality and efficiency in factories and warehouses, has become a heavily favored aesthetic in modern interior design . But how to effectively incorporate this unique style into your home? Here are some hints and tips to guide you on your way.

The roots of the industrial style

Before we get to the practicalities, it's important to understand where industrial style has its roots. Dating originally from the Industrial Revolution era, this style is characterized by its use of raw, unprocessed materials - think exposed brick, metal structures and untreated wood. It's an aesthetic that celebrates strength, stability and a raw directness.

How to use industrial furniture correctly

1. Balance is key

One of the biggest challenges in integrating the industrial style into your home is to create a balanced atmosphere . Industrial furniture often has a strong, distinctive presence. To avoid making your space feel too harsh or sterile, balance these elements with softer materials and textures. Wool blankets, velvet pillows or rugs can help bring warmth and coziness to an otherwise industrial space.

2. Consider space and proportions

Another important aspect is the consideration of space and proportions. Industrial furniture can often appear large and dominant due to its materiality and shape. Therefore, it's important to consider the size of your space and make sure the pieces of furniture you choose are well-proportioned. In a smaller space, too many large pieces of furniture might seem overwhelming, while in a larger space, they might make just the right statement.

3. Functionality is essential

Not to forget the functionality. Industrial design arose from the need for efficient and functional working environments. Therefore, make sure that the furniture you choose has practical uses in addition to its aesthetic appeal . An emphasis on open shelving, drawers, and flexible storage solutions can help maximize the functionality of your space.

4. Tell your own story

Every piece of furniture, especially in the industrial style , has its own story to tell. These pieces are often inspired by, or even taken directly from, old factories, workshops and warehouses, and as such bring a lot of character and history with them. Use this history to your advantage and let it become part of the story of your home. Add personal items, artwork , or collectibles to tell your own story and personalize your space.

5. Colors and Lighting

Industrial style is often associated with neutral tones - grey, black, white and shades of brown dominate. To keep your space from looking too monotonous, you can add pops of color, whether it's artwork, plants, or brightly colored furniture. As for the lighting, both hard and soft light sources work well in the industrial style . Pendant lights or lamps with exposed bulbs can add a nice industrial touch, while soft, diffused light can help create a cozier atmosphere.

With this comprehensive advice, you'll be well-equipped to decorate your space with an industrial style . Browse our 'Industrial Furniture' category and find the pieces that express your personal style and transform your home into a unique living space.